Zyad Ragab \ Creative Director

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This is me        \

I’m a creative (the job) who thinks differently with a marketing background and passion for art.

I started working in advertising in 2017, where I focused on storytelling and being creative in various freelancing projects. I began as a Copywriter, leading social media efforts and improving engagement and business visibility by using modern language and creating exciting original concepts, engaging writing, and eye-catching visuals.

I work as a Creative Lead for one of the top-rated agencies in Egypt, especially in networking and management, so, I lead the client's creative vision across visual, written, and emotional forms, guiding a dynamic team through strategic planning and flawless execution from inception to marketing. I manage timelines, budgets, and collaborations, consistently presenting visionary concepts to clients.

Also, now I work as a Creative Director for a well-known local fashion brand. I plan content and lead teams offline and online according to the brand vision, goals, and direction. People know me for my killer creative campaigns, and my strategic skills guarantee success for both big and small projects.